On occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution a group of student activists took the walls of Columbia’s oldest state-run University and sprayed several slogans. In their paintings they hold high the leaders, achievements and lessons to be drawn from the events in October 1917 and further celebrate the 1st country to become socialist.
In a statement published by the comrades of El Comunero following remarks are made in regards to that action:
“The almost 40 years (1917-1956) of building socialism leave great lessons to the peoples of the world that revolutionary students must study and apply to our reality, in struggle against all the slanders and lies of imperialism, opportunism and the bourgeois academy. Likewise, the fall of socialism in 1956 also gives us great lessons that the revolutionaries of the world must apply to prevent the bourgeoisie from once again succeeding in restoring capitalism where the people conquered power.
Finally, never in the history of humankind there has been a revolution that triumphed at the first attempt; every revolutionary process has taken place through a long and protracted process of triumphs and defeats, advances and setbacks, successes and failures, a process that has been analyzed and synthesized with Marxism to prepare, forge and consolidate the final triumph.”
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