Monday, July 24, 2017


Fifty people detained in Ankara, their demands are the demands of Nuriye and Semih…

What brought them there was being human and not worshipping fascism…

They bent and broke our arms as though they were folding up laundry

For 137 days our bodies have been using hunger to seek justice…

Nuriye Semih, Nuriye Semih, Nuriye Semih…

At corners, on the squares and in the streets – their names will be everywhere…

The country has been ruled with AKP fascism for one year of the state of emergency (OHAL). The invoice for their crisis of rule has been sent to the people, the KHK has ensured that hundreds of thousands of workers have been fired in the space of a night as a result of being labelled as FETO supporters (note: FETO is the name used for the presumed terrorist organisation of Fethullah Gulen) and all their rights have been taken away from them.

However, two people, Nuriye and Semih, set up a barricade against this tyranny using their own bodies. Day by day their bodies have wasted away but this has been a call for struggle and resistance against fascism. With their hunger and their resistance in the prisons they continue to give us hope.
While outside thousands continue resistance, resisting like they do…

Yesterday morning AKP fascism again attacked as people were setting out for Ankara to read out a declaration. People who had gathered to go to Ankara were surrounded and harassed. Their cars were sealed, when they ended their announcement and were dispersing they were attacked and the authorities began to arrest dozens of people.

They were released the same day and continued their own programme within their means, went to Kocaeli and were again detained. Despite all obstacles, another group read out a declaration in Bursa in support of Nuriye and Semih and 10 people were detained.

Neither did the AKP’s tyranny end, nor did the demand for justice for Nuriye and Semih. As was announced, they went to Ankara and they gathered at 1 PM on Konur Street. The police blockaded the Human Rights Statue, and this time they blockaded the whole of Kizilay. No permission was given to read out a statement and they detained anyone they saw on the street. They attacked viciously. They broke the arm of a revolutionary while the journalist was taking pictures, another was throttled while being arrested. In total 50 people were detained, eight of them lawyers… Despite severe torture they continue to chant “Nuriye and Semih”…

Because Nuriye and Semih are the barricade before them as they go hungry…

WE are the ones who will give them strength…

Nuriye And Semih Are Our Honour!

Release Immediately Those You Have Detained!

Halk Cephesi (People’s Front)– International Relations Committee

Sunday, July 23, 2017

PCm Italy Info- #NoG20 Hamburg: support the comrades arrested

 Italy - #NoG20 Hamburg: support the comrades arrested

From the 6­th to the 8th July, in Hambug (Germany), took place an official meeting that involves twenty worldwide powers; such meeting is called G20.

Before the beginning and also during of the official meeting, several activities were organized against the G20. The goal of such activities was to oppose and propose another vision of the world, less exclusive, unequal and exploiting than the world we are used to live in. During the days of the official meeting, many demonstrations and collective actions tried to block the official meeting. Hundreds of thousands people from all the Europe, but not only, met in Hamburg and took the streets. The great amount of people and the successful block of some parts of the city, created some difficulties to the logistic part of the G20 meeting, so that German authorities used a great amount of police forces to
manage the situation; during the last days of the official meeting, they also called the army. The goal of German authorities was to stop and suppress any kind of dissent, with any mean. In fact, German police searched protesters in each corner of the city: along streets, parks, bars, camping. Many people were arrested without any plausible reason: it was enough to speak in Italian, French or Spanish to be arrested. Nothing else.

During such "manhunt/womenhunt", two guys from Catania, Alessandro and Orazio, were arrested with other foreigners. The detention has been confirmed for both them and also three other Italian guys, an Italian girl and tens of foreigners. They have to stay in jail, in Hamburg, till the begging of the process, but we still don’t know when it will begin and the exact alleged crimes. We also asked to a judge to let Alessando and Orazio go out from the jail and come back in Italy, but the judge confirmed the detention again few days ago.

Such detentions for us are unfair. The only logic that we find under such inveterate repression has not a legal nature but a politic one. The G20 meeting has been disturbed, slowed down, dishonoured by a huge participation at demonstrations against it. Such detentions are the signs that a system has been put in crisis, , taken aback, challenged in full chest and, in part, cracked.

Want we want right now is to guarantee to all arrested comrades and to Alessandro and Orazio the full support and solidarity, that can be manifested in many ways, among which the economic one. In fact, some legal costs have to be payed. Moreover, we want that Alessando and Orazio feel though and surrounded by our solidarity. We would like to guarantee to Alessandro's family and Orazio's family the possibility to see them, by paying them the airline tickets periodically, in order to meet guys in jail. We ask all an economic donation to sustain Alessandro and Orazio, in order to pay legal bills and sustain their families also. We do not know how much time they will spend in Billwerder jail, in Hamburg. That's why we ask for the maximum support.
What we think is that repression does not win until solidarity is alive, active, and surround who is targeted from it. Who has comrades is never ever alone.

Support the crowdfunding campaign----> click here
Centro Sociale Liotru - Catania

Soccorso Rosso Proletario supports!

Italy - great campaign of MFPR and SRP for Nadia lioce - BR political prisoners

Per la difesa delle condizioni di vita delle prigioniere politiche, no al 41bis per Nadia Lioce. La petizione e un video su

La solidarietà non va in vacanza e per il 15 settembre, data dell'udienza, ci prepariamo con questa petizione, da condividere! Finora abbiamo raggiunto, con l'aiuto di change, 664 firme e tantissimi messaggi di solidarietà.
La campagna va avanti fino alla vittoria, perché, come dicono i tantiche hanno firmato, è giusto che questa tortura finisca!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Message of the CC, CPI Maoist: Conduct martyr’s week from July 28th to August 3rd 2017 all over the country in a grand way!

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Message of CC, CPI (Maoist)

Conduct martyr’s week from July 28th to August 3rd 2017
all over the country in a grand way!
Pay homage to the martyrs who laid down their lives in the People's War!
Defeat Mission-2017 of the Indian ruling classes in their bid
to eliminate the revolutionary movement!
Let us protect the Party leadership from top to bottom and advance the movement!
Declare that the path of People's War shown by Naxalbari is the only path for the liberation of the Oppressed masses!

Comrades, Revolutionary Masses!

Laying down one's life for the people is weightier than the Himalayas. Dying for the exploitive classes is lighter than a feather. Life is most valuable for human beings. Communist Revolutionaries totally dedicate themselves for the social revolution and for the interests of the people. They work with a strong aim dedicating everything and their life too. Every great change demands sacrifice. That the history of class struggle is the history of sacrifices is as much a fact as that the history of the society is the history of class struggle since the formation of classes. In our country, since the great Naxalbari Armed Peasant struggle, in the process of New Democratic Revolution for the past 50 years, nearly 15 thousand persons starting from the higher level leadership to the activists and revolutionary people down laid their valuable lives.

CC, CPI Maoist: statement on Naxalbari 50th anniversary

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Dear Comrades, Friends!
Like a spark becoming a flame the Armed Agrarian Revolutionary struggle of Naxalbari area of Siliguri Sub-Division in Darjeeling district in Bengal directed the path of Indian Revolution.
Since then Naxalbari came to be known not as a mere village but as a symbol of a political path.
the Naxalbari Armed Rebellion will complete fifty years on 23rd May, 2017.
With the inspiration from the Great Debate against the modern revisionism of Khrushchev and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the leadership of the Communist Party of China led by Comrade Mao, a large number of Maoist revolutionaries including first rank leaders like Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee jumped into the arena.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Las lecciones de la roja Hamburgo - PCm-Italia

Los maoístas italianos expresan su apoyo incondicional a todos los compañeros y las fuerzas que han luchado en Hamburgo, logrando durante tres días de "romper la vidriera del imperialismo y evitar que los dueños del mundo podrían trabajar en paz."
Durante tres días, los rebeldes han demostrado que es posible luchar en todas las formas en las entrañas de la bestia imperialista y luchar y golpear el inmenso aparato represivo que el imperialismo alemán estableció en nombre de todos los imperialistas y sus lacayos que se reunieron en el G20.

Los rebeldes de las tres jornadas de Hamburgo han interpretado la rebelión del proletariado y de los pueblos contra los responsables de guerras, agresiones, asesinatos, masacres, de la explotación, el robo, la pobreza y el hambre de los pueblos.
Con valor y determinación y a menudo con niveles de organización, "adecuados" para el tipo de represión puesto en marcha por la burguesía, que han transformado las calles y barrios en tierra quemada para las fuerzas de represión.
Justamente, los rebeldes Hamburgo han creado un infierno para la fuerzas de policía.

La burguesía imperialista alemána y el imperialismo en su conjunto han sufrido el golpe y han reaccionado con la venganza y la represalia. Pero de ninguna manera fueron capaces de doblar el espíritu de rebelión, la determinación de los que se les oponían.

El otro elemento importante es que las fuerzas de la rebelión han logrado la solidaridad y el apoyo en diferentes formas de cientos de miles de participantes a las manifestaciones y de las masas populares de Hamburgo, como nunca ocurrió en las varias cumbres anteriores, aunque en otra cumbres acciones y resistencias han sido a menudo muy grandes e contundentes. La división entre "buenos y malos" no ha pasado de ninguna manera, y Hamburgo demuestra que es posible unir todo el potencial de rebelión, elevando el nivel de la batalla y de la lucha de clases.

La solidaridad con los compañeros heridos y la lucha por la libertad de los detenidos debe continuar en Alemania y en todo el mundo. Pero junto con esta solidaridad es importante señalar que los que han luchado, combatido, han ganado! Y que de los que han luchado y combatido hay mucho que aprender.

En este sentido, la batalla de Hamburgo llama a todos a luchar contra el atraso, el oportunismo y el sectarismo, a mirar la esencia de la lucha revolucionaria, y buscar el camino porque el fuego no se apaga, sino se propaga. Necesita no solamente levantar la ideología y el espíritu de combate sino también encanar, aprendiendo sirviendo a las masas que luchan.

Estamos con todos los rebeldes de Hamburgo!
Para la transformación revolucionario de movimiento de la juventud 'y las masas proletarias, en guerra de clase, guerra revolucionaria, guerra popular!

PCM - Italia, 07.16.17

Lessons from the Red Hamburg - PCm Italy

Italian Maoists express their unconditional support to all comrades - and their forces - who during three days have fought in Hamburg, who were able to “break the showcase of imperialism and prevent the rulers of the world form working in peace.”

For three days rebels have shown that it is possible to fight in all form in the belly of the imperialist beast, to oppose and hit the tremendous repressive apparatus set up by German imperialism on behalf of all the imperialists and their lackeys who gathered at the G20 summit.

Those three days the Hamburg rebels have interpreted the rebellion of proletarians and peoples against those who are responsible for wars, aggression, murderers, massacres, exploitation, looting, misery and hunger against the peo
Italian Maoists express their unconditional support to all comrades - and their forces - who during three days have fought in Hamburg, who were able to “break the showcase of imperialism and prevent the rulers of the world form working in peace.”

For three days rebels have shown that it is possible to fight in all form in the belly of the imperialist beast, to oppose and hit the tremendous repressive apparatus set up by German imperialism on behalf of all the imperialists and their lackeys who gathered at the G20 summit.

Those three days the Hamburg rebels have interpreted the rebellion of proletarians and peoples against those who are responsible for wars, aggression, murderers, massacres, exploitation, looting, misery and hunger against the people.

With bravery and determination and often with organizational levels "fit" to the kind of repressive action put in place by the bourgeoisie, they have turned streets and neighborhoods into scorched earth for the forces of the state repression.

The Hamburg rebels have rightly created a hell for the law and order watchdogs.

The German imperialist bourgeoisie and imperialism as a whole have suffered the blow and reacted with revenge and retaliation. But in no way they could bent the spirit of rebellion, the determination of those who opposed them.

The other important element is that the forces of rebellion got solidarity and support in different forms from hundreds of thousands of participants in the demonstrations and the broad masses from Hamburg, as never happened in the struggles against previous Summits, although for other Summits there were also actions and resistance often very large and effective.

The division between "good and bad ones" did not pass in any way, and Hamburg shows that it is possible to unite all the potential of rebellion, to raise the level of the battle and class struggle.

The solidarity with injured comrades and the struggle to free the arrested comrades must continue in Germany and in the world. But with this solidarity it is important to make clear that those who have fought, resisted, have won! And from those who have struggled and fought there is a lot to learn.

In this sense, the battle of Hamburg calls everybody to fight any backwardness, opportunism and sectarianism, to look at the substance of the revolutionary struggle and to find the way by which the fire does not extinguish but propagates. The ideology and the fighting spirit should not only be "flagged" but embodied, learning form and serving the masses in struggle.



PCm – Italy, 07/16/17

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lezioni da Amburgo la Rossa - PCm Italia

I maoisti italiani esprimono il loro incondizionato appoggio a tutti i compagni e alle forze che hanno combattuto per tre giorni ad Amburgo, riuscendo a “rompere la vetrina dell'imperialismo e impedire che i padroni del mondo lavorino in pace”.

Per tre giorni i ribelli hanno dimostrato che è possibile combattere in tutte le fome nel ventre della bestia imperialista e contrastare e colpire l'immenso apparato repressivo messo in piedi dall'imperialismo tedesco per conto di tutti gli imperialisti e i loro servi che si riunivano nel G20.

I ribelli dei tre giorni di Amburgo hanno interpretato la ribellione dei proletari e dei popoli contro i responsabili di guerre, aggressioni, stragi, massacri, sfruttamento, rapine, miseria, e fame dei popoli.

Con coraggio e determinazione e con livelli di organizzazione, spesso “adatti” al tipo di azione repressiva messa in campo dalla borghesia, hanno trasformato strade e quartieri in terreno bruciato per le forze della repressione.

I ribelli di Amburgo hanno creato giustamente l'inferno per le forze dell'ordine.

La borghesia imperialista tedesca e l'imperialismo nel suo insieme hanno subito il colpo e hanno reagito con vendetta e rappresaglia. Ma in nessuna maniera sono riusciti a piegare lo spirito di ribellione, la determinazione di chi ad essi si è opposto.

L'altro elemento importante è che le forze della ribellione hanno ottenuto la solidarietà e il sostegno in diverse forme di centinaia di migliaia dei partecipanti alle manifestazioni e delle masse popolari di Amburgo, come mai era avvenuto in precedenti contestazioni dei Vertici, nonostante anche in altri Vertici azioni e resistenze erano state spesso molto grandi e incisive.

Non è passata in alcuna maniera la divisione tra “buoni e cattivi”, e Amburgo dimostra che è possibile unire tutto il potenziale di ribellione, elevare il livello della battaglia e della lotta di classe.

La solidarietà ai compagni feriti e la battaglia per la libertà per gli arrestati deve continuare in Germania e nel mondo. Ma in questa solidarietà è importante affermare che chi ha combattuto, ha resistito, ha vinto! E che da chi ha lottato e combattuto c'è tanto da imparare.

In questo senso la battaglia di Amburgo chiama tutti a lottare contro ogni arretratezza, opportunismo e settarismo, a guardare alla sostanza della lotta rivoluzionaria, e a trovare la strada perchè l'incendio non si spenga ma si propaghi. L'ideologia e lo spirito di combattimento non va solo “sbandierato” ma incarnato, imparando e servendo le masse in lotta.



PCm – Italia


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Some first Notes regarding the activities of the anti-imperialist alliance for the G20-Meeting in Hamburg - also French and Spanish translations


In line with the resistance against the G20-Meeting in Hamburg the anti-imperialist alliance formed itself out of various organisations. Declared goal of the alliance was “In the middle of the diverse forms of resistance we will fight in order to send a clear internationalist and revolutionary message to those, fighting imperialism all over the world: We stand at your side, your struggle is our struggle! We send this message among others to the poor peasants in Brazil, who give their lives to unfold a great revolution; we send this message to all, who fight the imperialist aggression in Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq;
we send it to the comrades giving their lives in the people’s wars in Peru, Turkey, India and on the Philippines in order to lead the revolution to its end; we send this message to everyone, who holds up the banner of resistance against genocide and the draconian repression of the Erdogan regime in Turkey; we send this message to those who hold up the flag of rebellion in the dungeons of counter-revolutionary everywhere in the world, we send this message to the communists and revolutionaries, who despite all differences fight together in the imperialist countries to destroy the imperialist beast.“

¿SE DERRUMBA LA REVOLUCIÓN CIUDADANA? - by Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo - Ecuador

Se derrumba la revolución del siglo XXI, se destroza Alianza País; la burguesía burocrática poco a poco cede paso a la burguesía comparadora, en otro escenarios, muda, de burocrática a compradora.
Si la revolución ciudadana emprendida por Correa fue una caricatura de revolución, la revolución ciudadana ha pasado a constituirse, con Moreno, en una payasada de revolución.
Entre la caricatura y la payasada hay una brecha que los ha llevado a confrontarse públicamente. Los seguidores de Correa como portaestandartes de la “verdadera revolución”, los otros, Moreno y su equipo, tildados de “traidores de la revolución”.
Con Correa se dio paso a una de las reformas más importantes que se ha inoculado al capitalismo burocrático desde su gesta a fines del siglo XIX.

Stones fly and you cry - Regarding the agitation of the bourgeois media in this moment we quote a declaration of Rote Aktion Köln

“We had strenuous, intense and intense days in many aspects in Hamburg and the struggle is not over yet. At the G20 summit, the political representatives of the most powerful countries in the world met and haggled over the plundering and exploitation of the planet and the working classes. These days have made many things clear to us: the German state and its police and intelligence service does not allow discussions; It is his duty to protect this ruling order and to suppress consequent criticism with crude force; The Springer-Press organises the most massive propaganda against the resistance, becomes the organ of the repressive authorities and practically shows the hypocrisy of this brutal system. This weekend, the lines of the class struggle in Germany became clearer - who is on the side of the ruling order and who is on the side of the oppressed. In these days it was also shown: the resistance in the heart of the beast is possible, it was there and it was a problem for the ruling order. In an unbelievable number of places, people opposed the apparatus of violence and did not let themselves be driven out. We especially want to point out the injured and prisoners and express our greatest respect. As revolutionaries, it is not only for us to organize the resistance consistently, but also to put our force towards the care of the injured and prisoners!

Of course, after such an event, the ever-recurring "debate on violence" unfolds. The rulers can not accept the militant resistance and the violence of the oppressed, they have to defame it, find the "guilty" and denounce them and restore peace in the hinterland. We do not let our defamations in the aftermath be disturbed, but we can only reply from our perspective of the opressed: the rebellion is justified. The violence of the oppressed against their oppressors is justified. We can not be divided and are in solidarity with those affected by the repression.”

To underline the last point, we quote chairman Mao Tse-Tung out of “Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement In Hunan” from March 1927:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

France - Contre Trump, Macron et leur monde, manifestons le 14 juillet !

Contre Trump, Macron et leur monde, manifestons le 14 juillet !

Macron est à fond, et ça va vite, dans tous les domaines.
  • C’est la remise en cause de pans entiers du Code du Travail, les ordonnances en cours, la hausse de la CSG, le retour en arrière sur la pénibilité, l'abandon des poursuites au pénal pour les victimes de l'amiante, c’est une nouvelle attaque (avant les suivantes à venir) contre les travailleurs et les secteurs populaires, austérité, précarité et pénibilité au menu pour tous. Le tout assaisonné d’un mépris de classe qui ne se cache même pas pour les « riens » que nous sommes.
  • C’est l’intégration des mesures de l’état d’urgence dans la loi ordinaire, avec la poursuite de la répression des militants, avec le quadrillage des banlieues et le racisme d’Etat.
  • C’est la poursuite des interventions en Afrique, au Proche Orient, et les réceptions de Poutine et Trump en grande pompe, l’un à Versailles, l’autre pour le défilé du 14 juillet, histoire de tenter de rivaliser avec les plus grandes puissances impérialistes de la planète, ventes d’armes, guerres et pillages à l’appui.
  • C’est la retraite en rase campagne sur les perturbateurs endocriniens, la poursuite (pour l’instant du moins) de Notre-Dame des Landes, la poursuite de Fessenheim, de l’EPR, des déchets à Bure et du programme nucléaire, au-delà des déclarations fracassantes.
Macron, c’est la réaction sans fard, la poursuite de Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande, et en pire avec l’accentuation de la crise mondiale du capitalisme.
Et à côté de cela, hormis le battage parlementaire et médiatique des Insoumis on ne voit pas grand-chose, et pour nous du côté de notre confédération, c’est le silence radio…

Rien. Martinez qui participe à toutes les séances autour des ordonnances, tout en disant qu’il n’y a rien à en faire. Pas de réaction à l’élection de Macron, nous en avons déjà parlé (lire « la CGT, Macron et la loi Travail »). Le renvoi au 12 septembre pour une première initiative, pas un mot sur la venue de Trump, manifestement ça ne gêne personne…

Alors, quand le Front Social appelle à des manifestations pour le 14 juillet, quoi que nous pensions de ce collectif, il faut saisir la date au bond, car l’initiative est correcte. Il faut marquer notre désaccord, refuser le prétendu dialogue social somnifère (avec FO qui veut  piquer la place de la CFDT comme larbin de service), et réagir franchement. Depuis, cet appel s’est élargi à de nombreux autres collectifs et associations.

Nous invitons tous les camarades à participer aux manifestations de ce vendredi, partout où il y en aura, c’est l’occasion de ne rien lâcher, de poursuivre la mobilisation pendant cet été, de se donner les meilleures conditions pour une rentrée offensive !

Non à Trump, Macron et leur Monde !
Organisons-nous contre l’exploitation et la répression !

A PARIS, tous à la manifestation 14h, Place Clichy,
Et partout en France où il y a des mobilisations, soyons présents !

BREST : 10h Place de la liberté
LYON : 17h, Place Guichard
MARSEILLE : 11h aux Mobiles (en haut de la Canebière)
TOURS : 14h Place Anatole France

A agonia do capitalismo burocrático AND BRASIL

Charge: Vini
Diferente da burguesia ianque e europeia, que com sua revolução varreu a feudalidade para fundar a república democrática e consolidar os Estados Nacionais cercados de proteções estratégicas, as classes dominantes brasileiras, como as equivalentes das demais nações oprimidas, usaram o seu Estado burocrático-latifundiário para subalternamente associarem-se aos monopólios e conglomerados do capital financeiro internacional, mantendo-se a semifeudalidade subjacente, através da evolução de suas formas.
Modernidade de aparência
Como um verdadeiro surto, a industrialização e a urbanização aconteceram no Brasil pela mão do imperialismo, principalmente ianque, com o engendro do capitalismo burocrático, plataforma de sua exploração na busca do lucro máximo, que aqui passou a se desenvolver gerando uma aparência de modernidade. A prevalência e reprodução de uma base semifeudal, entretanto, revelava sua essência de país semifeudal e semicolonial.
À época, analistas de vários graus da Academia teorizavam sobre a coexistência destas duas situações com teses do tipo “dois Brasis”, “Belíndia”(Bélgica e Índia), no entanto, sem ressaltar que a modernidade e a miséria extrema eram os dois aspectos da mesma unidade de contrários. A exploração imperialista apresentava a modernidade como aparência e a miséria como essência, como cantada pelo poeta popular Patativa do Assaré, em sua poesia “Brasil de baixo e Brasil de cima”.
O caminho da subjugação nacional
O imperialismo ianque, entretanto, tinha teses mais bem refinadas, como as “teses cepalinas” oriundas da Cepal, órgão das Nações Unidas, que advogavam a possibilidade do país se desenvolver sob o tacão da exploração imperialista. Verdadeiro canto de sereia, estas teses encantaram os “melhores” economistas e sociólogos da Academia.
A questão central destas teses que pulularam nos anos 50, 60 e 70 do século passado é que todas elas partiam da manutenção do poder nas mãos das mesmas classes dominantes. Sem questionar a aliança da grande burguesia compradora-burocrática com o latifúndio, atados com o imperialismo, elas serviam a sua conservação.
O Partido Comunista dominado por direções oportunistas, numa míope visão sobre a realidade nacional dado ao manejo mecanicista e dogmático do marxismo, propunha como caminho para o desenvolvimento do país colocar-se a reboque da fração burocrática desta grande burguesia, tomando-a equivocadamente por burguesia nacional, quando esta, desde sua origem e tal como os latifundiários, estavam atadas ao imperialismo, principalmente ianque a quem serviam e seguem servindo como lacaios.
A Revolução Democrática
O golpe militar-fascista de 1964, tramado e executado pelos ianques em conluio com a grande burguesia e o latifúndio, animou vários setores da nação como a juventude, os intelectuais honestos e a classe operária a procurar entender as causas desta realidade e a via para alcançar a sua superação.
Dentre as correntes de esquerda que chegaram mais próximo de uma explicação dialética para a existência da velha ordem e o caminho para superá-la, foram as que, afastando-se do revisionismo kruschovista soviético, aproximaram-se do pensamento de Mao Tsetung. O Partido Comunista do Brasil de Pedro Pomar e Grabois, o Partido Comunista do Brasil – Ala Vermelha e o Partido Comunista Revolucionário de Amaro Luiz de Carvalho e Manoel Lisboa e a Ação Popular – Marxista-Leninista.
Enaltecendo a importância do campesinato como principal aliado do proletariado na etapa da Revolução Democrática mediante a estratégia da Guerra Popular Prolongada com o cerco da cidade pelo campo, estas organizações atraíram a especial atenção dos órgãos de repressão do velho Estado e das forças armadas reacionárias pelo seu aniquilamento.
Vale salientar que somente a conjugação de esforços da repressão não seria o suficiente para o aniquilamento destas organizações, não fosse a penetração em seu seio de teses revisionistas e capitulacionistas, para abandonar a linha revolucionária da Guerra Popular Prolongada. Prova cabal de tal desvio ficou demonstrada quando todas estas organizações, ao contrário de aprofundar a assimilação do maoismo, trocaram-no por devaneios revisionistas, uns pelo “frentismo da esquerda” ou “partido tático”, outros pelo legalismo e cretinismo parlamentar etc., pântano no qual os seguidores de Kruschov, do guevarismo-castrismo e do trotskismo já se afundavam.
Os revisionistas e capitulacionistas, ao invés de adotar o sério e correto balanço da experiência da Guerrilha do Araguaia formulado acertadamente por Pedro Pomar — que assume o campesinato como força principal, conforme definido pelo pensamento de Mao Tsetung —, a camarilha de Amazonas serviu-se do revisionismo albanês de Enver Hoxha para liquidar o Partido Comunista, enquanto partido revolucionário e, sob a continuação da sigla PCdoB, deu origem a um novo partido revisionista.
O fracasso destas organizações não pode ser debitado às teses científicas do desenvolvimento do Marxismo, como Marxismo-leninismo-maoismo, mas sim ao predomínio nas mesmas de uma linha errada na análise da realidade do país, em olvidar as características do partido de novo tipo e a necessidade da Aliança Operário-camponesa na formação da Frente Única. O surgimento da Guerra Popular em países como Peru e Índia é a comprovação da validade do caminho da Revolução Democrática como revolução de Nova Democracia.
O prenúncio da morte
A profunda crise em que se afunda o imperialismo em seu irreversível processo de apodrecimento é facilmente visualizada pelas altercações interimperialistas. Veja-se, por exemplo, as relações entre USA e Rússia, USA e Europa, Reino Unido e Alemanha para constatar a profundidade da crise e o quanto ela se distancia de sua superação. Esta crise açula ainda mais a luta de classes nos próprios territórios imperialistas, enquanto a questão dos imigrantes agravou-se a tal ponto que não encontra solução mínima nos marcos do imperialismo.
Querer passar a ideia de que o Brasil — na qualidade de semicolônia, cujo Estado burguês-latifundiário, serviçal do imperialismo, sob um regime de capitalismo burocrático — desenvolve-se na contramão da crise imperialista, ademais de defesa da velha ordem, além de sabugisse, é, francamente, estupidez e pura desonestidade de economistas de aluguel da marca de Henrique Meirelles e sua corja de apaniguados.
O aumento do grau de exploração dos trabalhadores, o aniquilamento dos povos indígenas, o assassinato em massa de camponeses,  a matança nas favelas, tudo como continuado genocídio dos pobres, somado  ao avanço sobre as reservas minerais e vegetais do país e o direcionamento de toda a economia baseando-se, cada vez mais, na produção primária para exportação —  tudo isso voltado a satisfazer a insaciável voracidade do sistema financeiro — é a inevitável decorrência que a decomposição imperialista já atingiu mundialmente.
Ademais dos grupos de poder e seus representantes nas podres instituições do velho Estado, lacaios como Temer e a quadrilha que assaltou o gerenciamento do velho Estado criam uma frente de luta a mais contra o povo e a Nação.
Nada poderá salvá-los da ruína, pois que toda sua descarada obstinação não é nada mais do que apenas um dos capítulos da luta de classes em nossa sociedade, luta de classes que entrou na sua etapa mais alta, a da luta violenta e prolongada que o proletariado e as massas populares de nosso país estão se acercando, clamando por uma direção, um programa e uma estratégia que possa liquidar toda esta velha ordem e a construção de uma ordem nova.
A crise geral de decomposição do capitalismo burocrático no Brasil, em meio dessa profunda e aguda crise imperialista mundial, lançou à superfície uma crise política sem precedentes na qual as diferentes frações das classes dominantes se enfrentam numa espiral de violência, no qual cada uma se serve dos aparatos que controla na máquina do velho Estado para aplastar seu contendente. Daí a feroz e interminável luta entre estruturas dos chamados “três poderes”, e a divisão crescente nos partidos de seu apodrecido sistema político, nos monopólios da imprensa — por exemplo, Rede Globo joga para derrubar Temer e O Estado de São Paulo se bate por sustentá-lo —  impactando a opinião pública.
A crise seguirá se aprofundando e a situação de hoje poderá parecer calmaria frente ao seu agravamento. Todas as forças políticas, da direita, do centro e da esquerda estão interpretando e organizando sua intervenção política e muita água ainda passará por baixo da ponte até um desfecho mais definitivo desta crise.
Todavia, apesar de moribundo, o capitalismo burocrático e seus regimes políticos corruptos permanecerão insepultos arrastando o país e o povo para calamidades terríveis. Só a Revolução Democrática, Agrária e Anti-imperialista poderá arrasar com eles e estabelecer uma nova ordem, Nova Democracia e o Brasil Novo. E esta custará uma luta prolongada e cruenta.

Observations and Analysis on Fascist Activity in Texas Red gards Austin USA

On July 2, 2017, the far right and assorted fascists tried to bully and intimidate a large group of liberal Democrats who were participating in an “Impeach Trump” rally. It is not appropriate to think of the antagonists as fringe elements: fascism has been a steadily growing popular movement in the US, and Texas is no exception. However, there is unstable unity at best in the enemy camp. The popular fascist movement is rife with contradictions, not only ideological contradictions but also tactical and strategic contradictions.
It is crucial to understand that the far right relies on having a common enemy to unite around since there can be no unity among their varying programs and agendas. Every public action they take demonstrates this fact and shows off their own instability. They hoped to find this common enemy in the form of “antifa” and “red guard” [sic]. Fascist organizers are so desperate to conjure this enemy that they resort in many instances to false flag events and phony “antifa” pages that promise the bullheaded participants an enemy to confront. This tactic seldom pays off, and many are discouraged to be denied their promised glimpse at “antifa.” This slightly humorous scenario has played out all over the country, most notably in Houston around the Sam Houston monument and in Gettysburg, VA, where a fascist who came to fight “antifa” accidentally shot himself with a faulty revolver that he triggered with a flag pole. They attempted the same thing here in Austin on July 1. They used a fake antifascist page with the name “antifa USA” to bait antifascists to their rally—it did not work. Upon finding no “antifa” and no Red Guards Austin, they began accusing everyone from the Clintonites to the APD of being a “communist.” As funny as this sounds, what is exposed in their thinking is a more serious danger—and it is a harbinger of what life under growing fascist terror will resemble.
These events also expose a particular weakness inherited from the anarchist adoption of the name Antifascist Action. The original Antifascist Action was a far cry from the decentralized and largely depoliticized anarchist model of leaderless resistance. Antifascist Action and many of its variations were paramilitary street-fighting units with a relatively good level of discipline, sharing both strategy and long- and short-term goals. It was deeply connected to the German Communist Party, which controlled the proletarian slums and neighborhoods  in pre-fascist Germany. Then too it came into sharp contradictions with social democracy and the liberal so-called left; these contradictions were often violent. We must understand that with its decentralized and low level of action, faulty communications networks, and completely voluntarist approach to work, it will continue being easy for anyone to call themselves “antifa” and call for actions that are not only risky and foolish but outright disadvantageous to the point of promising an enemy victory. In spite of the fascists’ claims, they were robbed of this victory in Austin—their honeypot was smelled for the trash heap that it was and everyone on the local level knew already that the calls to action from “antifa USA” were made by people outside of Austin who have no clue on what is going on in our city. No one was fooled and no “antifa” took the bait.
Still, to correct these errors we must seek a higher level of organizing antifascist resistance. We must study and apply military strategy when confronting the enemy, and we must not give the enemy any easy victories. Sometime this means being maneuverable and elusive and confronting them one by one, bite by bite, until they are eradicated. We study Mao on this question: even the US military finds it crucial to study his works on asymmetric warfare—it would seem the only ones not studying Mao are the common fascists. In the long term this contradiction will be solved with the creation of the Communist Party, which will lead the proletariat in all aspects of struggle, including the struggles against fascism. Today such a party would be necessarily guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Why were communists not on the front lines defending the liberal march?

For starters we were not asked to defend them; we have no basis for unity with Democrats. The Democratic Party, which led the country for the past two presidential terms, and, true to its whole history, faithfully represents the bourgeois class. Obama was our enemy as we raged in the streets over the continued murders of black people by the police, and Hillary Clinton has been implicated in countless war crimes and is as dirty as they come—and we make little distinction between her and Trump politically. What the Democrats have given us is worsening conditions and imperialist crisis, which creates the fertile ground for fascism. While the system remains intact, we see very little to no use in impeachment campaigns, as whatever pig this system chooses for president still represents US imperialism and the monopoly class of capitalists at the top. Impeachment is simply not a communist demand, as it allows the state to go on with its bloodthirsty, genocidal activity without so much as skipping a beat. What we fight for is the smashing of the old state and its replacement with a new proletarian state.
More than anything else though, the contradiction between the fascists/far right and the liberal Democrats shows the faulty logic of the fascists’ reasoning as much as it shows the futile death throes of the Democratic Party, whose mass base is becoming more and more disillusioned with it. The dominant narrative among fascists in the US is one of “free speech” and First Amendment rights. They declare that because their hate speech is technically protected it should be accepted with no resistance and no consequence. These fascists of course did not care that the right to call for an impeachment is also protected free speech, as they chose to try to surround a number of Democrats. What the fascists detest is any sort of freedom for anyone outside of their preferred national interests. Fascism itself is the promise that democratic rights of all types are on the way out—especially for the working classes and particularly for oppressed sections of those classes. But the liberals’ faith was shaken. They insist that the police be worked with—the same police who time and time again not only defend but give physical assistance to fascist violence in Austin. The liberal Democrats paint both neo-Nazis and communists with the same brush. They are as guilty as the right of spreading rumors and disinformation about the masked bogeyman “antifa.”
On July 2 in Austin, many liberals for the first time (through the blinders of their own middle-class upbringing) came that much closer to understanding the purpose and necessity of antifascism. They begin to notice that Trump himself is not the biggest issue—fascism is. In this process many of them will bury their heads in the sand and forget what they witnessed firsthand in regard to the police/fascist collaboration. Others will begin to understand the purpose and necessity of antifascism, of organizing strong and militarized forces capable of defending the people, of pinning the fascists down and upon either violence or the threat of violence forcing them out. The fascists themselves as well as the current administration will be a recruitment force for the communist movement polarizing society and driving many to the far left. In the future under conditions of war they will be this movement’s supply line for weapons and equipment, which will be captured in battle.
The fascists have been unpacking a very old strategy whether or not they are themselves cognizant of this. In the years before Hitler came to power the Nazi party attacked left-leaning cities in Germany, focusing on proletarian neighborhoods in an effort to soften the hard communist influence. The Nazis understood how to manipulate and use the social democrats, who were the ruling party at the time, to their advantage. They also knew that the threat posed by their opposite (the Communist Party) was a significant one that could block their attempts at gaining state power. Now, just as then, the fascists target and focus on what they understand to be left centers: Austin, Berkeley, Portland, Seattle, and the list goes on. We should understand every street as a battleground, every place of social gathering as a site of struggle; we should understand that the solutions to this system will not grow within its institutions. We should give them no quarter in our workplaces and schools, and we should apply antifascism creatively and widely in ways that benefit the people. Antifascism must speak to the needs of the people—if it does not accomplish this, the fascist will be allowed to trick and deceive to push their poison on desperate communities. We should understand that the lack of solutions from either the Democrats or social democrats is precisely what made some people desperate enough to see a solution in Donald Trump, whose election victory blew wind into the sails of fascism.
We call on all those who struggle in the state of Texas to get organized, to cast aside illusions of a leaderless resistance—a pipe dream of an Occupy Wall Street type of antifascism—in favor of a genuine mass-based antifascist resistance organized along militant lines. We call on you to see the current struggles against fascism as warfare. We must institute people’s self-defense committees against fascism. We must learn to defend ourselves: to shoot and to fight. We must be better in all respects than the enemy, not only in ideological principle but in our physical abilities, in our courage, and in our perseverance. The battle for the streets has already commenced, and the least safe place is on the sidelines when there is no one left to defend you from the threat inherent in fascism’s rise. In these struggles we will build our party and we will win.
“Physical education not only strengthens the body but also enhances our knowledge. There is a saying: Civilize the mind and make savage the body. This is an apt saying. In order to civilize the mind one must first make savage the body. If the body is made savage, then the civilized mind will follow.”—Mao Zedong

other about G20 Hamburg

 „In einer deutschen Großstadt wird es nie wieder einen solchen Gipfel geben.“

„In einer deutschen Großstadt wird es nie wieder einen solchen Gipfel geben.“

Dieser Satz des Justizministers der BRD verdeutlicht die Dimension des Sieges der Kämpfe gegen das G20-Treffen in Hamburg. Die Augen der kämpfenden Völker der Welt lagen auf uns, und die Arbeiterjugend Deutschlands unterstützt von Genossen und Militanten aus anderen Ländern, vor allem Europas, haben sie nicht enttäuscht. Dem Gipfeltreffen der Imperialisten und ihrer Lakaien, der größten Verbrecher, Völkermörder, Parasiten und Räuber dieser Erde in unserem Land wurde mit Hass und Widerstand begegnet. Es kam, wie wir im Aufruf sagten: „Wenn sie kommen, brennt die Stadt.“

Die Rebellion gegen die Weltordnung der Ausbeuter und Kriegstreiber war, ist und bleibt absolut gerechtfertigt und notwendig. Durchdrungen vom proletarischen Internationalismus hat sich der Widerstand von Hamburg in den Tagen des Gipfels in die weltweite Widerstandsfront gegen den Imperialismus eingereiht.

Der Gipfel der Imperialisten und ihrer Lakaien kostete hunderte Millionen Euro, aberwitzige Summen für ein Stelldichein der größten Volksfeinde garniert mit bonzigem Kulturprogramm, dutzenden Fototerminen und dekadentem Gelage. Um die 25 000 hochgerüstete Roboter-Bullen, Geheimdienstler und Spezialkräfte aus der BRD, Österreich und Frankreich wurden gegen die erwarteten Volksproteste in Stellung gebracht.

Bereits im Vorfeld ging die Reaktion zum Schutz dieses bürgerlichen Schauspiels aufs Ganze und kündigte an mit ihren Bullen klar Konfrontationskurs zu fahren. Und so kam es bereits in den Tagen vor dem Gipfel zu brutalen Angriffen, beispielsweise auf die wehrlosen Zeltplätze der aktiven Gipfelgegner.

Die Polizei hatte nie vor, die erste offizielle, große Demonstration gegen den Gipfel unter der Parole „Welcome to hell“ mit 25 000 Teilnehmern am Donnerstagabend auch nur hundert Meter laufen zu lassen. Währende konstant mehrere Polizeihubschrauber am Himmel kreisten und die Hamburger belästigten, griff sie mit brachialer Härte an. Ihre zugekoksten und aufgehetzten Bullenhundertschaften reagierten sich an allen ab, die sie vors vermummte Visier bekamen. Mit Schlägen und Tritten, Schlagstöcken, Pfeffersprayorgien, Tränengas und Hightech-Wasserwerfern zerschlugen sie die sich defensiv aufstellende Demonstration und veranstalteten eine Menschenjagd. Sie verletzten mit dieser reaktionären Gewaltorgie ihrer Aufstandbekämpfungsübung hunderte, wenn nicht tausende Menschen, zum Teil schwer. Wenn jemand nicht schnell genug fliehen konnte oder am Boden lag, schlug ein Bullenmob ihn zusammen, Bewusstlose wurden durch Dreck und Scherben geschleift, ihre Autos, Wasserwerfer und Räumpanzer fuhren Leute an. Anwohner waren davon genauso betroffen. Selbst anwesende Politiker, Sanitäter, Journalisten und Fotografen bekamen in die Fresse. 14 Leute wurden von den Bullen auf eine Absperrung getrieben und stürzten dann vier Meter in die Tiefe, was zu offenen Brüchen, Gelenkbrüchen und anderen schweren Verletzungen führte.

Bei diesem entfesselten Terror gegen die Massen zeigte die „liberale Demokratie“ ihr wahres, hässliches, volksfeindliches Gesicht. Von den Bullenhorden wurden ganz selbstverständlich Tote bei den ungeschützten Demonstranten in Kauf genommen, tatsächlich war damit bereits im Vorfeld zu rechnen und auch Ansagen diverser Verantwortlicher deuteten darauf hin. Es ist Ausdruck der sich zuspitzenden Widersprüche, die den bürgerlichen Staat zunehmend zwingen, auch nach innen brutaler vorzugehen und sich zu faschisieren, das gezielte Morden wird nicht mehr ewig nach Afghanistan ausgelagert werden. Dass es bei diesem Gipfel nicht passiert ist, ist gut, aber eben einfach nur ein Zufall.

Während der Widerstand gegen die Angriffe bei der „Welcome to hell“-Demonstration – wenn man vom „Revolutionären Block“ absieht, der sich mit Feuerlöschern organisiert wehrte – eher spontanen und verzweifelten Charakter hatte, wurde im Verlauf des Abends, der Nacht und spätestens am nächsten Tag offensiver, entschlossener und organisierter gegen die Bullen gekämpft.

Bei den Protesten am folgenden Tag gelang es durch Blockaden und andere Aktionen schon in den frühen Morgenstunden Abläufe und kleinere Nebentreffen des Gipfels zu beeinträchtigen während Rauchwolken von diversen Bränden über der Hamburger Skyline lagen. Am Abend und in der Nacht von Freitag zu Samstag verlagerten sich die Kämpfe dann maßgeblich in das Schanzenviertel, das zum Widerstandszentrum wurde. Anarchisten, Maoisten und andere Revolutionäre kämpften hier Seite an Seite auf den Barrikaden. Viele Jugendliche und andere Hamburger schlossen sich teils spontan den Kämpfen an. Tausende beteiligten sich, leisteten Widerstand und kämpften. Die Bullen wurden quasi aus der Schanze vertrieben, es wurden brennende Barrikaden errichtet und immer wieder organisiert vorgerückt und kleinere Angriffe auf die Bullen und ihre Wasserwerfer durchgeführt. Die Hauptwaffen in diesem Distanzkampf waren Steine und Flaschen, aber auch Laserpointer, Leuchtspur und Sylvesterraketen. Es gelang über mehrere Stunden die Bullen aus der Schanze herauszuhalten und ihnen zuzusetzen. In dieser Zeit wurden auch verschiedene Supermärkte und Gentrifizierergeschäfte von den Massen geplündert, teilweise wurden die beschlagnahmten Sachen an Anwohner verteilt. In dieser Intensität gab es in der BRD auf jeden Fall seit geraumer Zeit keine Straßenschlacht mehr.

Die scheinheilige Doppelmoral mit der die bourgeoisen Medien jetzt über die Gewalt und den Widerstand heulen, während sie das Treffen der Massenmörder und Kriegstreiber lobpreisen, deren System jeden Tag Kinder tötet und die Hölle für die Völker der „dritten Welt“ und für alle Unterdrückten und Ausgebeuteten bedeutet, ist einfach nur erbärmlich. Es ist keine Option sich von Ihnen eine verlogene Debatte über verbrannte Autos diktieren zu lassen, während ihre Hetze die tausenden durch die Bullen blutig Geschlagenen, Weggesperrten und Verletzten verschweigt. Vergessen wir das nicht!

Trotzdem müssen wir versuchen bei solchen Kämpfen den Schutz der Massen so weit wie möglich zu gewährleisten, gerade wenn die Kämpfe in Volksvierteln stattfinden. Das ist nicht nur korrekt, sondern auch eine Voraussetzung, um solche Kämpfe perspektivisch in Siege zu verwandeln und sich weiter im Volk zu bewegen, wie ein Fisch im Wasser, Vertrauen der Massen in die Revolutionäre aufzubauen und ihre Mobilisierung und Politisierung zu stärken. Das bedeutet auch, seine Verantwortung anzunehmen, gegen (staatliche) Provokateure, Schwachköpfe, Nihilisten, Reaktionäre und andere Massenfeinde vorzugehen, die ungerechtfertigte Exzesse begehen, sich an den Autos normaler Leute vergreifen oder ohne Grund das Eigentum von Kleinbürgern beschädigen. In dieser Frage muss Klarheit geschaffen werden und die Kämpfe müssen dazu noch organisierter geführt und eine gewisse proletarische Disziplin durchgesetzt werden. Das ist eine Aufgabe proletarischer Militanter in diesen Kämpfen.

Zur Rückeroberung der Schanze setzte die Reaktion auch mit Schnellfeuergewehren bewaffnete Spezialkräfte ein, die Häuser stürmten und die die Läufe ihrer Maschinengewehre wahllos Aktivisten, Journalisten und Passanten ins Gesicht hielten. Bereits am Abend war der erste Schuss gefallen, als ein ziviler Bulle einem vermeintlichen enttarnten anderen zivilen Polizeiprovokateur zur Hilfe kam.

Am nächsten Tag – Samstag – fand die internationale Großdemonstration gegen den G20-Gipfel statt. Insgesamt beteiligten sich an den Tagen des Protests und Widerstands Hunderttausende. So war auch die Großdemonstration sehr gut besucht. Wir liefen zusammen mit Aktivisten aus Norwegen von Tjen Folket bei den Genossen von ADHK und Socialist Youth Movement (SYM) und Sympathisanten der MKP, die wiederum Teil des „Antiimperialistischen Blocks“ waren, dem neben deutschen und österreichischen Revolutionären auch noch Halk Cephesi, Dev Genc, TKP/ML-Sympathisanten, PARTIZAN, PGI/MLM und YDG angehörten (Aufruf).

Mit Parolen gegen den Imperialismus und all seine Lakaien, gegen die BRD und für die proletarische Revolution sorgte der Block für wichtige inhaltliche Klarheit auf der Demo. Besonders die fatale Tendenz, statt gegen Merkel nur gegen Trump, Putin und Erdogan zu agitieren und damit der außenpolitischen Agenda des BRD-Imperialismus zu entsprechen, hatte hier keinen Raum.

Gegen Ende der Demonstration wurde der vordere Teil des Blocks, der vermummt lief und aus dem heraus Parolen gesprüht wurden, von einem starken Bullenaufgebot angegriffen und brutal zerschlagen. Parallel dazu gab es am dahinter folgenden „Internationalistischen Block“ antideutsche Provokationen gegen propalästinensische Aktivisten. Es ist kein Zufall, dass gerade der Antiimperialistische Block von der Reaktion besonders hart angegriffen wurde (Video vom Angriff).

Diese Linie setzte der bürgerliche Staat fort und Bullen stürmten am Samstag ohne Durchsuchungsbeschluss auf Geheiß des Verfassungsschutzes das „Internationale Zentrum B5“ in der Brigittenstraße, sowie darüber liegende Privatwohnungen und andere Räumlichkeiten, verletzten und fesselten Anwesende, verweigerten Anwalts-Kontakt, zerstörten allerlei Türen, Technik und andere Gegenstände. Das ist die Antwort des Staats und seiner Repressionsorgane auf den antiimperialistischen Widerstand. Unsere Solidarität gilt den Betroffenen! (Stellungnahme des Internationalen Zentrum B5, Video 1, Video 2)

Am späteren Abend gab es dann in der Schanze wieder kleinere Scharmützeln und Auseinandersetzungen.

Insgesamt zeigen die Tage des Gipfels sowie der Zeit im Vorhinein und auch das für die kommende Zeit zu Erwartende, ganz klar die Tendenz zur Faschisierung der imperialistischen BRD. Und sie verdeutlichen klar die Notwendigkeit, uns für die kommenden Aufgaben in Sprüngen zu entwickeln, vorzubereiten und fester zu organisieren. Die proletarischen Revolutionäre müssen vor allem anderen ihre Aufgaben erfüllen, unserer Klasse und dem Volk ihre Partei, Armee und Einheitsfront zu schaffen.

Fast 500 Menschen wurden während des Widerstands gegen G20 festgenommen. In den eigens eingerichteten Gefangenensammelstellen mit provisorischen Haftrichtern wurden nicht nur die Gefangenen wie Tiere behandelt, sondern auch deren Anwälte systematisch schikaniert. 51 Genossen, Freunde, Aktivisten und Widerständige aus den Massen sind nun in U-Haft. Auch ihnen gilt unsere volle Solidarität und wir rufen alle auf, sich an den kommenden Aktivitäten zu ihrer Unterstützung zu beteiligen.

Die nun in der bürgerlichen Presse laufende verlogene Hetzkampagne gegen die Kämpfer und die Massen, die junge Auszubildende und Arbeiter denunziert und an den Pranger stellt, zu Denunziationen, Verrat und Spaltung aufruft während sie die wahren Mörder und Verbrecher deckt und heiligt, ist einfach nur widerlich und abartig und sollte alle Aktiven der politischen Widerstandsbewegung daran erinnern, wie mit der reaktionären Presse umzugehen ist.

Die Provokation der Herrschenden, diesen Gipfel in einer Großstadt durchzuführen, also einem Ballungsraum der tiefsten und breitesten Teile des Proletariats und darüber hinaus einer mit einer antiimperialistischen und rebellischen Bewegung, ist entsprechend beantwortet worden. Und so wird es in Zukunft immer sein, bis diese Straßen, diese Städte, dieses ganze Land uns gehören!

„In einer deutschen Großstadt wird es nie wieder einen solchen Gipfel geben!“
Freiheit für alle Gefangenen des Widerstands gegen das G20-Treffen!
Nieder mit dem Imperialismus und seinen Lakaien!
Vorwärts zur proletarischen Revolution!